Sunday, May 27, 2007

The last couple days have been pretty nuts.

On Thursday after class, I was walking to my car and noticed that someone broke into it and stole my cd player. They also went into my trunk and took the cd player manufacturer box (that had the serial number on it) and also my big full cd case with 150+ cds was like 4ish years of cds....gone. They left the other cd case that only had like 20 cds in I still have that, but I was pretty angry, and sad, and sooooo emotional. There was another honda civic about 6 cars down from mine that got broken into too, everything was pretty ridic.

The cops came and took finger prints from her car. That was pretty intereste to watch.

(This was on the weekend)

Now when I turn on the AC, I see a giant hole :(

Then Fri/Sat/Sun I put in crazy hours at work. It got my mind off of things, and work was really fun this weekend. There were a lot of crazy people in the parks because of Memorial Day weekend. I met these 3 boys from Long Island who kept riding my ride. They were typical Long Island looking dudes (super tan, spikey hair/blow outs, super fitted[tight] Abercrombie shirts, J-Lo style glasses for dudes), and they were total sweethearts. I met them on Saturday when there was downtime and we are supposed to talk to the guests waiting in line, and they came back to the park today and kept riding my ride and saying hello. solid dudes. cutie pies.

Now I'm chillin in my apartment, doing laundry, watching comedy central. YOU KNOW, REGULAR CRAZY COLLEGE KID STUFF.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Great things happened this weekend:

1) got my car fixed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2) saw Sabine & Fallon
3) hung out with my homegirl Liz !!!!!!!!
4) visited my awesome Grandma (she declined the picture op)
5) ate a delicious mango
6) had a great time in South Florida <3

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My sister graduated from college a few weeks ago.

The whole family headed over to Tampa for the graduation ceremony.

Mona is in the real world now. No more school. It's weird to think that my sister has no more ties to USF, and I will never go on that campus for anything ever again. haha...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Giancarlo came to Orlando a few weeks ago and I didn't scan our photobooth until today. Janine joined the party.

Random news:
1) This past weekend was spent in Tampa. My sister graduated college!!!
2) Summer term has begun, and it's not as wack as I thought it would be.
3) I renewed my passport today.
4) My iPod is dying :(
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