Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I just had Taco Bell with my Dad. I got the new Ranchero chicken taco? Something like that, and it looked really good in the picture. It was alright, but the picture lied. I saw tomatoes and all these various seasonings, but then I received my Ranchero chicken taco, there was no tomato, or various seasonings. False advertising? Yes.

Oh well, Taco Bell is still good. forever.

At the Fall Out Boy/Punchline show that I went to in New York, I made a video of both bands. P-line is hard to see because I made the video from the back of the balcony hoping you could see PJ, but that didn't work out as planned. And for FOB, I just taped from where I was sitting. So check the video section.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

There are some seriously crazy people that come into my store. This one man I guess had a wig/toupé (?) type thang...and apparently this spanish girl was staring at him (which I didn't see her staring). Anyways, I'm at the cash register and I hear him say "ITS A WIG OKAY? STOP STARING", and in my head I'm thinking omg hahaha...and then the Spanish girl was like "Pshhh" in a really funny ghetto way. After that I just went to the back and started laughing hysterically. That guy was so scary.

I took down the comments feature. It was useless since nobody comments, or reads this thing anyway.

Margaret Cho is awesome.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Last night I saw Saved! with Ari. Quite a funny movie that was. No matter what people say, I think Mandy Moore is a good actress...and she rools. Afterwards, we went for the usual starbucks run. I tried the Java Chip Mocha...MMMMMM. fo real.

Today I went to Walmart with Jessica to do the Kodak digital camera picture maker thang. I made 48 prints. 48 prints costs $18.32. I spent almost $20 printing pictures. Ahhhhh oh well. Now I can finally put these long awaited pictures up on my wall.

Aquabats show tonight. I have a ticket, but I can't go because I have to go to my friends sweet 16 party. dfskjfksjdfkjfdskjkfjdsjf. whatever. I'll just catch the Aquabats in another 10 years when they come back to Florida :(

Sunday, June 20, 2004

New York was good to me. I had so much fun, my birthday celebration this year has been an amazing 2 weeks. haha......2 weeeeeeeeks.

The Fall Out Boy and Punchline show was amazing. I loved every minute of it. At the FOB show I went to in March, my camera died on me, so I couldn't take any pictures...this time I made sure I was set. They are so good live. So is Punchline. Yesssssss.

The plane ride to NYC was alright. I didn't throw up on the plane, but I did throw up in the bathroom of a mexican restaurant in Times Square. Don't go to "Chevy's"..it's gross. The next day was the Punchline/Fob show at the Knitting Factory, then the next day was the Phantom of the Opera show at the Majestic. We hung out in China Town, bought some stuff, and had fun in NYC. On the drive home, I came to the conclusion that there are more bums in Baltimore, Maryland than there are in New York City. Also, the Southern Hospitality was strong in Virginia, everyone was nice...a little toooo nice. We did a lot of shopping in New York, and it felt so good to go shopping at an outlet mall in North Florida and be back at the 6% sales tax. New York's sales tax is 8.6% ....it's ridiculous. Whatever, New York was fun. ALL the pictures are up.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Today is my birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yah, its awesome. I am awesome. Because it's my birthday!

Anyways, last night was my birthday party, and it was sooo much fun. A lot of my friends came and made me feel extra special. My buddies in Rome Is Burning and A Dream Of Reality gave me birthday shout outs during their sets, and AJ sang the ole' Happy birthday song to me. Good stuff. Then we went to Denny's and the party continued.

Photo page is updated with last nights festivities.

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday party awesome yesterday.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Ah, it feels good to be home from my 5 day vacay haaaaay in college town Tampa with my sister. Lots of pictures were taken. and everything is in the photo section.

My birthday is in 2 days. and my mom bought me white cherries. (For those who don't know, white cherries are delicious, and not in season often, and YAY)

Fall Out Boy is in 5 days. oh the anticipation.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Last night I saw HARRY POTTER 3, and it was deeeeeeecent. I have been mentally preparing for my trip to New York...yayyyy I am so excited. 10 more days. yesss.

Anyways, I updated the photo page! I brought the digital camera to school on the last day, and I took pictures before my Photography exam. I had good times in my 5th hour photography class. It was one of my favorite classes this school year. I'm sad to see it go. We can all thank Jeb Bush for that.

The FOB/Punchline show that I'm going to on June 16, got sold out. Whattt what whatwhhthawth. That's crazy. I'm glad I already have my ticket!

Yahhhhhh buddy.

I'm going to Tampa tomorrow. Party it up in Tampon land..haaaaay.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Today was my official first day of summer (Yesterday being Memorial Day didn't count). I was supposed to go work out with Jessica, but that ended up not happening. So I decided I'd give my site the face lift it needed. And now it's like a coffee brown type color. It's good for now..maybe in another 6 months I'll switch it up again. I added a little more useless yet exciting information to my bio page. POCKY ROOLS.

Haagen Dazs called me into work today. I ended up working with my manager Lisa. She is the coolest manager ever, and hilariousss. She interviewed 5 girls today, and 2 of them were twins. And for like a good 45 minutes she told me the pros and cons of each twin. One twin was prettier than the other so we appropriately called her the pretty twin, and the other one was the ugly twin. hahaha...ANYWAYS, the ugly twin had a RESUME. Who gives an ice cream store a freaking resume? Overachievers. That's who. The pretty twin didn't have a resume, probably because she's prettier than the other one. haaahahaha...oh man. Lisa rooools.

If there are actually people who visit my site, give me some feedback on if you like the colors or not. Although, if you don't like my color scheme, I really don't care. HAHA BECAUSE I'M NOT CHANGING IT FOOLS!
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