Monday, September 25, 2006

I was driving to class and the world looked like it was about to end. Alas, it didn't, it just rained for 15 minutes.

I went home this weekend for an eye appointment. I got a new prescription and new contacts which means yes my eyes are getting worse. I am qualified for laser eye surgery in 5 years! How exciting!

Also when I was down south I went to the SneakerPimps Miami event with Jenny, Ricki and Jasmin. Some of my Orlando friends were there and the whole thing was pretty cool.

In Reality TV news, I have been keeping up with Project Runway 3, and Michael is definitely going to win. Also, Flavor of Love is a terrible show, Flava Flav is disgusting....but Deelishis is definitely going to win.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Oh yeah, has reached over 8000 hits.

I bought sushi today and it was disgusting. I am angry about it because IT WAS DISGUSTING AND I PAID FOR IT. I will no longer speak about this.

So everyday at 6-7pm I watch Reba Mcentire's show on Lifetime. Some people would call this a guilty pleasure, but I am not ashamed of this. Reba Mcentire is HILARIOUS. and I look forward to one hour of Reba everyday :)

Sorry for the lack of an update. I still feel a little gross after that "sushi".

Lastly, I bought the new New Found Glory cd on Tuesday, and it is quite wonderful.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I went to Best Buy this weekend and they had self-adhesive jewels for cell phones for $ I bedazzled Neil Diamond/Jonathan Brandis. Now he is REALLY gay. It rules. haha

I definitely had the most exciting time EVER this weekend. I haven't seen Ari in forever, and this weekend was just a BFF celebration. We played tennis, went shopping, ate Sonic, saw car fires and house fires, went to a show, took 23273873 pictures...just had a good time. College is stressful, and we both needed this totally awesome time.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

My first week of college was pretty nuts. We had no school on Wednesday because of Tropical Storm Ernesto. It was overcast for pretty much all day and my roommates and I played tennis outside. Then it rained a little, but nothing significant, and it was kind of a waste of a good school day, because the classes I like are on that day. Oh wellsssss.

One day I had lunch with my friend Felicia! Felicia is from central florida and I am from south, so together we are Central & South Florida Felicia.

She had never been to Sonic so we went there...and Sonic always delivers greatness. Felicia was looking at my keys and noticed my zodiac dragon keychain....and SHE HAS THE SAME ONE...but cooler because hers is gold...but yeah....not only are we both Felicias, but we have the same keychain. How many people can say that? 2. and it's us.

Dane Cook's Tourgasm is on HBO in a couple minutes. Big ups to Labor Day tomorrow. I won't do any labor...not like I would anyway.
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