Wednesday, February 24, 2010

At the beginning of January, I entered a lottery to win a ticket to see the Dalai Lama speak at school, and then I won! His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama spoke today, and it was awesome!

It's weird to say..but really..he's such a chill dude. He was making jokes, and he absolutely reminded me of Ari's grandpa. His english was pretty good, but still broken enough with the right jokes to make everyone laugh. I did feel enlightened when I left -- One of my favorite things he said was "A genuine smile is a unique gift from a human being" and he is right! At the end of his speaking he answered student-submitted questions, and there was one question about him believing if we will ever achieve world peace, and he said "Don't shout world peace, world peace, world peace, that doesn't work. or release pigeons, it's silly."

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I have fallen in love with Evan Lysacek.

Homeboy is fiiiiiiiiiiine! (and apparently besties with Vera Wang who made his Olympic costumes)

Also, Scotty Lago and Shaun White hold a special place in my heart too.

I'm glad NBC does a primetime show and a late show. It's like they knew my schedule is all over the place, and made it specially for me.

Ski jumping is really amazing. I'd love to see that shit live. They are flying in the air, and then land so gracefully. just amazing.

I forgot what was on for the late show, but it wasn't holding my interest, so I put on the tv guide and saw Deadliest Catch was on Discovery Channel HD---and I love watching it on HD because that show is intense..and then I saw the icon on the bottom right corner and found out Captain Phil Harris died.

He was my favorite captain, cut-throat honesty, total bad-ass, and had a soft spot when it came to his sons* (*hot sons, who also work on the Cornelia Marie). He had some medical problems on the show and I really got bummed when I saw "1956 - 2010." Rest in peace Captain.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Because we have conflicting schedules, I took Kiersten out for her birthday yesterday even though it's tomorrow. We had dinner at Ichiban, had dessert at Rita's, and saw Valentine's Day. It was an awesome night! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIERSTEN WENG CHUNG TONIGHT!

By the way--this movie was cute. And not shitty, sappy, or depressing...just good and cute. Bradley Cooper was beautiful as expected, and Taylor Swift's character was named FELICIA. It's not often I hear my name when not directed toward me, so I was in a "uhh wut???" thought when I first heard they say it.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

From a fattie's point of view, the worst part of getting sick is losing the sense of taste. The other night I helped a customer who owns a New York style deli near where I live, and he hooked me up with a free pastrami on rye with french fries yesterday and I just ate the rest of it (it was HUGE)...and couldn't taste it. stupid.

Set Your Goals are good dudes, and REAL MULTI-TALENTED MUSICIANS...

I'm bummed I missed the opening ceremony for the winter olympics..I gotta find it online. Obviously every country likes to see their flag in the gold position, but seeing the American flag higher than everyone else is awesome. It's a big "suck it" to every other country, and it makes us cockier or maybe it just makes me cockier. for no reason really, I'm not even that competitive. Apolo Anton Ohno is still fine... (half japanese, half white) and I hope Shaun White does some damage in Canada!

oh yeah, it's valentine's day. no big deal really...I was at work the entire day. I'm not a bitter single person.. I know my prince charming and/or valentine is coming one day. or that's what I like to tell myself.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Last night was New Found Glory's 10 year anniversary of the self-titled record tour! They played the entire self-titled cd from track 1 to 12 in order. I can't tell you how awesome it was.

Hellogoodbye is on the tour too and I made a medley of their set..

Here is NFG's intro..then Better Off Dead !!

One of my favorite songs off the self-titled is "Boy Crazy" which I've never seen them perform live until last night.

Kiersten and I went to Denny's afterward and made our own grand slams.

I picked up the NFG rubik's cube!

Last night everyone went down memory lane with their set. It was just a big sing-a-long. New Found Glory is so good, and their hometown shows are something to marvel at. I woke up this morning smiling when thinking about how fun last night was :) I sound like I'm 15, but we all felt so last night!!!!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I have a really soft spot for Hellogoodbye. Back in 2003, Forrest Kline had a photoblog site (, now deceased) that I loved. It had a weird layout with a drop down menu of dates of pictures chronicling his life, and I was inspired. I liked seeing his weekly, sometimes daily pictures of him and his friends (eating adventures, small shows, california living, and even the process of signing with Drive-Thru Records), and thought hey, I can do that too. That's how came about. I wanted a place online where my friends can see the fun stuff we did, and although he stopped doing his site a few years back, my site is still kickin today.

I've seen them at Warped Tour, sold out House of Blues (with Reggie and the Full Effect opening--mind fuck since Reggie was THEIR inspiration, I digress), in their native California, and it's a party every time. They are on tour with New Found Glory now, and I am absolutely excited to see them next week. Forrest Kline is a goofy dude, and I'm into it.

When I saw that video last week, I thought about the phrase "My treat". It's one of the best things to hear or say, because it's the little things that count. Beit lunch, ice cream, a movie ticket, or in this case Taco Bell. It's just a nice gesture. I appreciate stuff like that. or maybe I'm just a sap.

Lastly in no relation to this post but I wanted to post it because HELLO ITS MY SITE,

me creepin behind Marisa's permanently spelled wrong coffee
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