Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ari bought tickets to the Blink 182 show for my birthday back in June! The show was really awesome. All American Rejects played "Swing Swing" and "My Paper Heart" which was a blast from the 9th grade past. Then Fall Out Boy played all the hits and a few from Take This To Your Grave---and I was basically 16 again. They ended with "Saturday" which left me really happy. Then Blink 182 came on and wooooooooooo

and Travis' drum solo was really spectacular. Here's a tasters...

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Bronx have turned into Mariachi El Bronx.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

As much as I wish I could say that I love to read, I don't. Straight up...not for fun, not for education, just never got on that reading train. Don't get me wrong though, I do know how to read, I just don't flaunt it in peoples faces, like many people I know.

I'm a senior in college, you'd think I'd have this "finish this book in a week" down by now. Procrastination, disinterest and completely unmotivated feelings is holding me back. homies in Fallen From The Sky played a free show at a bar last night in Margate. It was good to see old friends that I would normally see in Orlando, as well as the ffts dudes. Ian from NFG came out to support. Also Fallen from the Sky is doing a 3 week tour with New Found Glory in October, which is huuuuuuuuuge, and I am really happy for my dudes!

On a completely different and random note, when I went to Disneyland last month I searched for a keychain with my name. Felicia is hard to find, I thought maybe Disney stepped their game up and upgraded to my name in the F section. Alas, it wasn't there, but LETICIA was there.. that is almost Felicia. and I was angry.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

So basically I've neglected this site so much to where even I thought it was dead.

At the beginning of this year, a gnarly virus killed my computer and I lost all original pictures and everything else in the world that was my computer. And this was the year I was ready to switch servers and blah blah, so then I tried to start to redo everything but it was not working out. Then I downloaded Mozilla Firefox and that changed my life because for so long I was InternetExplorer crazy. Then with facebook being the most popular kid on the internet and my friends viewing my pics faster on there instead of my site, I somewhat lost interest in updating my photoblog on here. So in a way, well basically I'm breaking up with you. I'm sorry Dana, Kiersten, and the 4 other readers to my site, it just won't be the same on here anymore.

I am keeping the site and its content up, because this shit has been apart of my life since 2003, however the photo section won't be as update as you stalkers would wish. And I will keep up with the blog.

Starting now. Here is a quick rundown of the past few months...

My homeboy Giancarlo turned 25 the other day. Kiersten and I helped him celebrate.

My cousin got married and I was a 1st time bridesmaid. Wasn't really a fan of the brown bridesmaid dress, but I guess it worked out in the end. And of course I was the shortest bridesmaid, paired up with the tallest groomsmen.

I went to Disneyland with Uhnet & Danny, and met Minnie Mouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While in California, I hung out with Angela and her cutie pie baby Jackson.

Enjoyed Warped Tour......Gallows killed it! This is Frank, a total british bad ass.

Went back to Orlando to work at Universal, and met some more great people. Including these 6 cutie pie Christian boys working at universal and also on a missions/relationship with God strengthening trip.

Became better friends with my homie Kristen and adopting Estrella as our new sister while she was an international worker from Singapore <33333

So that's about it. I promise it won't be a summer long wait until my next update. "It's been a summer........." NFG

(that was too appropriate)
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