Friday, April 15, 2011

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Monday, March 14, 2011

I never do anything crazy with my hair, color wise, but I had an epiphany and finally put some color in it!

Caitlin Turpel at Salon Edge is the shiiiiiiiiiiiit! She wanted me to come in for some curls a few days later before I headed off to Orlando for Spring Break, and I said "uhh YES" -- I LOVE CURLS. CURL THAT SHIT UP

I walked by this shirt and retraced my steps to look at it again.

Janine, Jackie and I went to the Al Capone Dinner theater. For $30 we had an Italian buffet dinner, unlimited booze, and a not so great theater show. The female performers had their tiny mics taped to their face! Scotch tape style! We had fun though.


I saw West Side Story with my mom and auntie yesterday. As soon as the show ended and we walked out of the theater my aunt said "What a downer!"

MY DAWG WINNIE! I had no interest in meeting the OG Swine Flu. Look at Piglet hating in the background. Keep hating!

The rest are in Fisheye Four!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

This movie promo is set for a tall demographic.

A candle in Kiersten's italian ice has become a tradition for her birthday. Rita's is so refreshing and delicious. It might not be the most authentic "Italian Ice" but it is always yummy.

Friday night was Stacie's birthday dinner/club night. We went to Club Play in Miami and the whole experience felt like a rap music video. Stacie's sister's friend's girlfriend....SOMEBODY got us on a list, passed people in line, we got VIP wristbands and had bottle service for a South Beach club. shit was dope. I never go to clubs like that, so it was a treat. The hoes dancing on poles were impressive-- all white girls too!

Nails did! Sally Hansen "Marine Scene" and "Ivy League" with OPI Black Shatter

Happy Valentine's Day <3

This kid came late to class and sat in front of me and I had to silently lol.

David Beckham is the babe of all babes. He's an amazing athlete, all around beautiful man, a committed husband and father, underwear model, friend of Elmo, and as of lately, a good Samaritan.

From the BBC... "Paul Long said the former England captain was the first motorist to pull over and assist him with his Nissan Primera on Wednesday. Mr Long said "We were on the A10 roundabout, which was pretty dangerous, and had been stuck there for about 10 minutes. Eventually I saw a car pull over in the distance and a man in a hoodie got out. He pulled the hood down and as he got nearer to the car I realised it was David Beckham. He asked if we were OK and I said we'd broken down and could he push us to the side. When we'd pushed the car to safety -- and I have to say another man stopped to help by this point -- he asked if we were OK and I said: 'David Beckham, I love you, mate'. All the way through he was smiling."

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Katy Perry is the shit.

Her music is fun, her image is fun, her products are DOPE. She's an all-around babe!

She was just on How I Met Your Mother doing a cameo as Zoey's cousin Honey. That show is hilarious, I suggest you jump on board if you're not already on the HIMYM train.

I recently bought some of the Katy Perry x OPI nail polish collab.

After research with Kiersten, we decided on getting Not Like The Movies (intergalactic silver/purple/green), Black Shatter, and Teenage Dream (glittery pink happiness). The other colors in the collection were just okay, but these were the ones that we were hyped on. Since they are limited edition colors they sell out fast at the salons, but we got'em, and we looooooooove'em!!

Not Like the Movies + Black Shatter

Teenage Dream + Black Shatter

The Black Shatter lacquer is like a science project on your nails. It coats as black and then literally shatters.

When Ellen Degeneres did her 12 Days of Giveaways special, Angela and Andrew got tickets to the Katy Perry day. Katy just launched her Purr perfume and everyone in the audience got one! Including Andrew! So I got his perfume, and it smells soooo sweet vanilla rose happiness.

My friends and family who visit the site frequently always request a new In My Dashboard, so for this Katy Perry filled is In My Dashboard 8 - Katy Perry - Teenage Dream under 3 minutes.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

2 Mondays ago I joined Andrew WK's Monday Video Chat Party, and won a contest and got the Hello Kitty shirt!

I LOVE ANDREW WK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kiersten was under the weather this past week, and didn't have much of an appetite, but you gotta eat when you're sick!! Or else you die. So I made sure she ate, and we had Yogurtland one night, sushi another night, and then veggie burgers another day.

The Thai/sushi place we went to on Friday night had a bulky yet awesome menu cover.

I saw these black matte nails on Uhnet's blog and was inspired! I don't have any polish to do a pink matte, but the style is cool. I think so at least. I sent a picture of my nails to my sister and she said "I like it if your name was shiqwanda" :(

Jessica borrowed my dainty pink and got her nails done. The pinkies cost $10 each!! I can get rhinestones and do that for myself for free. Looks cool though!

The Used played at the South Florida Fair on Wednesday. Sabine and I saw them many times during high school days. It was Fallon's first time seeing them!

We got sucked into this!! We thought that no way is it possible someone is so small!! But it turns out to be a little person. Like Mini Me's size. BUT WE WEREN'T EXPECTING TO SEE A REAL/LIVING PERSON. So she kind of scared us, and there we are, the 3 of us staring at "Lolene" and out of the need to say something in the situation I asked "Is your name really Lolene?", she said "yes" and I said "That's cool, welp, see ya" and we left. Then we couldn't believe we just spent $1 to look at someone's small body.

Fallon and Sabine got sucked into Snake Girl.

Sabine said it's fake, and just a big snake inside, with a spot for a person's head to pop up.

Fried ravioli!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Fallon was introduced to fried oreos, and now she is a believer too.

There were free snow cones at school, and no one denies a free snow cone!

Lastly I want to talk to you about this gum. One word. UNREAL.

HOW DO THEY DO IT? EACH ONE TASTES LIKE IT'S RESPECTED FLAVOR. Wrigley's Extra is taking gum to a next level. When they get a cheeseburger flavor I will flip out. If they partnered with McDonalds and made a chicken nugget flavor my head would explode.
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